Fran's Sewing Circle News http://www.franssewingcircle.com Thu, 18 Jul 2019 10:14:29 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 October 28 - Trick or Treat http://www.franssewingcircle.com <p>Trick or treat time and we got a nice treat this weekend with our new flooring.<span>&nbsp; </span>The center unit was redone with engineered hardwood all the way to the back.<span>&nbsp; </span>It looks beautiful.<span>&nbsp; </span>Just a lot of work to put everything together again but we will be up and running Monday morning.<span>&nbsp; </span>We are very grateful to our contractor and hardwood installer for working us in with all that needs to be done around the area.<img width="682" height="480" src="" class="img-responsive" alt="" align="" /></p> <p>Andrea and I will be heading to Quilt Market on Thursday.<span>&nbsp; </span>We are so excited to see all that is new in fabric, patterns and notions.<span>&nbsp; </span>We hope to visit with some of the designers and get some good piks with them and of the inspirational quilts. <span>&nbsp;</span>I made the Ranger backpack out of the Forage fabric and vinyl to lug our haul around the exhibits.<img width="300" height="225" src="" class="img-responsive" alt="" align="" /></p> <p>I just basted together the Enchanted Garden quilt I have been working on to teach beginning in January.<span>&nbsp; </span>The fabric came in this week so we will be making up kits for the quilt.<span>&nbsp; </span>I love the pattern for this.<span>&nbsp; </span>It is really well done for the applique with color pictures to help choose the right fabric.</p> <img class="img-responsive" src="" alt="" width="640" height="480" align="" /> <p>I am going to try to be better about keeping updates coming on the website, so look for more in the future.<span>&nbsp; </span><span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>Fran</p> STORM AFTERMATH http://www.franssewingcircle.com <p>Hi Fran&rsquo;s Followers,</p> <p>What a week the last 8 days have been.<span>&nbsp; </span>Although we did not get the high winds, the rain was all they predicted and the wind was enough to wreak havoc on the trees of our beautiful area.</p> <p>Many of you were without power and some may not even get this for a while. <span>&nbsp;</span>Our thoughts and prayers to all of you struggling with damage and loss.<span>&nbsp; </span><span>&nbsp;</span>My family was fortunate to be only out for 2 an &frac12; days and sustain no damage from wind or water.<span>&nbsp; </span>The store however is a little different story.<span>&nbsp; </span>As of Tuesday, September 18, we still do not have power.<span>&nbsp; </span>The floor also flooded (not the first time) but one of the worst.<span>&nbsp; </span>We were diligent to get everything up off the floor before the storm so the only casualty is the floor. <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>We will proceed with an ugly floor for a little while as I assess what to do.<span>&nbsp; </span>We do hope to have power and be open on Monday, September 24. But please check by calling or checking facebook before you come in.<span>&nbsp; </span></p> <p>The storm has also delayed the newsletter from being printed.<span>&nbsp; </span>Please check the website for upcoming classes and you can still enroll there.<span>&nbsp; </span>Currently all classes before September 26 are cancelled.<span>&nbsp; </span>We will do our best to reschedule and let you know.</p> <p>Thanks for all your support and I look forward to normalcy and seeing you all soon.</p> <p>Fran</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>