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Ruler Works Class 1

ruler foot

sew steady table 

50 wt thread, one or two shades darker than your top

bobbin with the same thread

slider sheet - not need for the first class

sewing machine that is capable of doing free motion quilting 

Class 1-

quilt sandwich- this can be muslin on front and back with the following squares or rectangles drawn and sewn on the quilt sandwich leaving 1/4 inch between the blocks. Sew on the lines of the blocks.

block sizes needed

(2) 6 x 6 squares 
(2) 1.5 x 24" rectangle
(2) 5" x 12.5" rectangle
(2) 8" x 4" rectangle
(2) 8 x 8" squares
(1) 1" x 26" 

If you need a ruler foot or templates they must be ordered 2 weeks before class. 

If you cut the shapes apart have at least an extra inch all around the shape