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Hi Fran’s Followers,

What a week the last 8 days have been.  Although we did not get the high winds, the rain was all they predicted and the wind was enough to wreak havoc on the trees of our beautiful area.

Many of you were without power and some may not even get this for a while.  Our thoughts and prayers to all of you struggling with damage and loss.   My family was fortunate to be only out for 2 an ½ days and sustain no damage from wind or water.  The store however is a little different story.  As of Tuesday, September 18, we still do not have power.  The floor also flooded (not the first time) but one of the worst.  We were diligent to get everything up off the floor before the storm so the only casualty is the floor.   We will proceed with an ugly floor for a little while as I assess what to do.  We do hope to have power and be open on Monday, September 24. But please check by calling or checking facebook before you come in. 

The storm has also delayed the newsletter from being printed.  Please check the website for upcoming classes and you can still enroll there.  Currently all classes before September 26 are cancelled.  We will do our best to reschedule and let you know.

Thanks for all your support and I look forward to normalcy and seeing you all soon.