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Fran's Staff

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Fran Kertesz has been involved in sewing as a business since 1977. Before that she was a Home Economics teacher and earned a Master’s degree in Child development. Sewing has always been her passion and she has a diverse background including: alterations, piece work, custom sewing and she has been involved in sewing machine repair and sales since 1990. Fran and her family moved to Wilmington in 1996 when she opened Sewing Circle. The store has since grown and Fran continues to strive to offer the best product and service to her customers.

Andrea Anderson has been living in Wilmington since 1993 with her husband. Andrea has enjoyed the art of quilting for many years, has been sewing since she was in high school, and has been a staff member of Fran’s since 2003. Andrea likes to create challenging pieced quilts, play with color, and come up with her own original quilt designs, and in her spare time
she prefers to bake, bike, swim, and sew. Andrea teaches many of the quilting classes that we offer at Sewing Circle and she also teaches other projects that she thinks others would enjoy. She likes to spend time with her black lab, Sadie, and traveling to Finland and other far off places to visit her family.

Lydia King was born in Wilmington, and has been sewing with us here at the store from a very young age. She started teaching our kid’s camps in 2013 and loves to help children find their passion for sewing and thinking creatively. She enjoys sewing garments, quilts, and applying her sewing knowledge to her other artistic pursuits. In her spare time, she loves to pet cats, drink tea, and spend time in her sewing room.

Summer Nicholson has lived in Wilmington all her life and been sewing since a young age.
She enjoys designing and altering apparel patterns and creating new embroidery patterns.
She has a good eye for color and loves to help find matching fabrics.  
When Summer is not working or going to school at UNCW,
she enjoys working on computers and working in her ceramics studio.


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